How To Create A Meaningful Life!

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How to create a meaningful life!

Imagine your perfect life. What would it look like? Who would be in it? Where would you live? What would you be doing or not be doing?

These existential questions have a way of guiding us to what we truly desire. I sometimes go through these questions with clients of mine because I think it is the easiest way to point clients in the right direction of where they would like to be in life.

It is so hard to figure out what you really want to do with your life, you know. And to think on top of being confused about what you want and when you want it, you have these societal pressures and expectations from you that you don’t know if you genuinely agree with.


Do you really want to be married before 30?

Do you really want to have two kids, one boy, and one girl?

Do you really like white piquet fences?

Do you really want to work for an egotistical boss who demands you lay off 300 employees just so you can get a 10k bonus?

I mean, yeah, the American Dream sounds like a predestined expectation of happiness is and what should happen in your life for you to be happy. I’m just guessing you might be different. I’m betting that if you are reading this, then some of those same very thoughts have come into your mind as well.

We all have our own journey to walk, and I think that is what makes this world so wonderful and unique. That is what makes you unique. You are wonderfully different, and because of that, no one should dictate what you deem as an appropriate view of happiness and fulfillment.

You can describe, design, and experience your own happiness on your own terms. So with that being said, what do you really want? What do you want to experience in life? Who do you like to share it with? And my favorite question of all is: Who do you want to become?

Here we are going to take a look at how to create a meaningful life.

“The meaning of life is to give life meaning.”
-Viktor Frankl

Meaning is an elusive word, especially when you are applying it to yourself. It is so easy to try and figure out the meaning of life by looking through outside sources. I remember when I was in college and taking multiple classes in philosophy, the professors were so hellbent in being academic and scholarly, I became so confused as to what my life meant from all of the different philosophies that are present in the world.

I don’t know about you, but it was so difficult to settle in what was the overall meaning of life. Was it family? Was it this materialistic world? Was it my spirituality? All of these things jumbled up into one heap of knowledge that was frustrating to untangle. I could only imagine what other people have experienced or are still facing.

It took a while for me to figure out what the meaning of life was, and it came after reading about Viktor Frankl. The meaning of life is to give life meaning! Yeah, easier said than done, but truthfully, this is one of the best quotes I have ever read in my entire life.

I think we get caught up in this external world where we look for outside sources to define us and to give our lives meaning. I think we grow up that way because of our parents. Our parents were always telling us what is good for us and what we should be doing without our lives. And what will make us happy in the long run even though it was completely further than what we truly desired.

It’s not their fault that they want better for us than what they have done for themselves. So they transfer some of their desires unto us. The problem with that is, we grew up trying to appease their desires and fixing their regrets in our lives. And we get accustomed to allowing them to live their lives through us vicariously, as we slowly fade away in the shadows of what we have hoped and dreamed of for ourselves.

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This blog is not another guide telling you what you should do; it is a simple pointer as to where you should look for guidance. And that guidance is inside of yourself. Part of walking this journey in your life is knowing how to forge your own path. How to design your own course that is uniquely made just for you.

Guiding you to meaning in your life is really uncovering and exploring that inner voice that you have suppressed for so long, trying to appease everyone else. The voice that told you what you truly desire, but you silenced it because it didn’t meet the expectations of your family. The voice you like to listen to when you sit and dream about what you wish your life would be.

Allowing that voice to guide you takes a few simple steps, and it is by answering these questions:

  1. Figuring out what is meaningful for you.
    a. What is significant in your life that you do?
    b. When you think about life, what truly matters?
    c. What doesn’t matter in life?
    d. What do you want to be remembered by?
    e. Who do you want to be recognized by?

Answering these questions is a right way for you to start finding that voice that will lead you to a meaningful life. When I asked myself these questions, I found that caring for people is the most significant thing I can do. Raising a family that will love people and makes an impact in people’s lives is something that would bring me meaning to my life when my life is close to being over.

The one thing I want to be remembered by and the people I want to be recognized by is the ones that I have helped along their journeys to transformation, and they would remember me by being the positive guide that pointed them in the right direction, which was themselves.

Everything you have is inside of you! God, the Creator, has created you to be unique, and He didn’t leave anything out when He was finished with you. I wholeheartedly believe you can find meaning in your life by asking these questions and answering them honestly.

Photo by Emma Bauso from Pexels

Let me be real with you for a moment.

The first time I asked myself those questions, I realized I answered those questions according to what I thought other people would want or how other people would feel if. I think the best way to answer these questions is to do so without anyone in mind. And to get the best results, answer the questions according to the joy you feel when you see yourself in the answers you provide.

The most joy you will feel is when you can visualize yourself honestly in the answers that you give. The best way to not do this exercise is to feel nothing when you answer the questions. Keep answering the questions until you feel joy, until you feel contentment and fulfillment. This, my friend, is the first step to a meaningful life that will bring happiness!

Until Next Time,




Psychotherapist in the CT area. Husband. Life long learner. Motivator. Follower of Christ. Co-Founder of Renewed Mind Therapy.

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C.J. Greene

C.J. Greene

Psychotherapist in the CT area. Husband. Life long learner. Motivator. Follower of Christ. Co-Founder of Renewed Mind Therapy.

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